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Announcing LAMPlatoon: Ads on Notice - The LAMP

Announcing LAMPlatoon: Ads on Notice

By February 7, 2011 News No Comments

The LAMP is pleased to announce LAMPlatoon, an advertising literacy video project putting ads on notice. If you’re tired of ads that deceive, objectify women and men, trade on ethnic stereotypes or simply don’t make sense, LAMPlatoon is your chance to fight back. Join the critical mass when you break down a commercial to expose the techniques and strategies used in media messages we see every day!

LAMPlatoon is encouraging people to think critically about media they see every day. By unpacking the messages sent through advertisements, you are learning to navigate a world of media which can be overwhelming and confusing. LAMPlatoon is also an opportunity for you to exercise fair use, talk back to mass media, and hold media producers accountable for the ways in which their messages impact our lives. Want to see what we mean? You can click here for LAMPlatoon on YouTube, or view the videos on our own self-hosted platform. We’ve also pasted the full press release below. But what are you waiting for? Join LAMPlatoon today!

The LAMP Helps Consumers Talk Back to Ads
‘LAMPlatoon’ project uses commercials and fair use to teach media literacy

NEW YORK, NY: The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) announces the February 7, 2011 launch of LAMPlatoon, an interactive video project using commercials to teach basic media literacy skills and guidelines about fair use in new media. LAMPlatoon exists online at and

The launch coincides with the day after the Super Bowl, when people are often discussing commercials which aired during the game.

“It’s not uncommon for people to be as excited for the commercials as they are for the Super Bowl itself. LAMPlatoon is trying to harness this as an opportunity to teach people how to respond critically to those advertisements,” said LAMP Education Director, Katherine Fry, Ph.D. “They can impact decisions we make about our health, how we spend our money, how we understand others and how we think about ourselves. People need to be able to filter media and make choices that are right for them, rather than follow what media tell them to do.”

Studies have indicated that the average American sees over 3,000 advertisements every day, but many people lack the media literacy skills needed to understand how, why and for whom advertisements are made. LAMPlatoon encourages the building of these basic media literacy skills, and also offers a way for people to respond to commercials and advertisements.

“We wanted to provide a sandbox where people can talk back to media,” said D.C. Vito, Executive Director of The LAMP. “It is not enough to just point out negative messages, or how they are made. With LAMPlatoon, people can actively reject media they think are harmful or applaud those which are positive. And by sharing their responses on the Internet, people are proactively engaging media messages, rather than passively consuming them. Hopefully, media producers will listen.”

LAMPlatoon also engages the fair use section of the Copyright Act, which protects certain instances of copyrighted media reproduction from copyright infringement. Although studies have demonstrated that understanding fair use is critical to an information age economy, it is frequently misunderstood.

“We are pleased that this project will teach students valuable lessons about fair use and copyright,” said Michael Weinberg at Public Knowledge, a Washington D.C.-based public interest advocacy organization. “Through their experiences they will learn that it is perfectly legal to build on the efforts of others to create their own work and understand their media environment.”

A preview of LAMPlatoon videos can be seen prior to the launch by accessing the following links:
Bratz, “Walking Bratz”:
Burger King Texas Double Whopper, “I am Man”:
Cover Girl Fruit Spritzers with Rihanna:

About The LAMP:
The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) envisions that one day media literacy will be seen as the critical requirement to understanding the world and our place in it. Founded in September 2007 by community organizer D.C. Vito and Katherine Fry, Ph.D., professor of media studies at Brooklyn College, The LAMP has brought free media literacy workshops and events to over 500 New York City youth, teens, parents and educators, most of whom are underserved. Visit The LAMP online at


Emily Long, Director of Communications and Development
The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project)