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After Week One of Testing the Media Breaker, "It's Better Than Movie Maker" - The LAMP

After Week One of Testing the Media Breaker, “It’s Better Than Movie Maker”

By July 25, 2013 News No Comments

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This week, we started testing the Media Breaker with the Summer Scholars program at Pace University! Twenty-two high school students preparing to enter either their junior or senior year of high school have now gotten their hands on the first online video editor designed for remixing third-party content. Their feedback has been incredibly helpful as we work to develop the perfect video editor for talking back to mass media messages. Already, one student said he thought it was better than Windows Movie Maker, and when asked to rate the Media Breaker on a scale of one to ten (with ten being high), the group gave it a 7. Not bad, considering we haven’t even had a chance yet to implement their ideas and suggestions for how we can make the Media Breaker even better! We’ll be doing another day of testing next week with the Summer Scholars, and will be tinkering with the Media Breaker while we continue more playtesting with educators and other youth. Stay tuned to the blog for updates, or sign up for the Media Breaker newsletter for news right in your inbox!