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Ad It Up! The LAMP Ad Archive

By August 19, 2009 News No Comments

Here at The LAMP, we see a lot of advertisements that we find funny, degrading, inspiring, beautiful and just plain weird. In the spirit of going back to school, we’ve decided it’s high time to get organized and start collecting them all in one place. The result is Ad It Up! The LAMP Ad Archive. We’re off to a good start, but we need your help! Here’s what you do:

1. See an ad. This can be any ad that makes you stop, whether it’s in a magazine, a billboard, a newspaper, online…
2. Take a picture of the ad, or send us a link to the image.
3. Email the photo to, OR tag it in Flickr with #aditup. Be sure to note when and where you saw the ad.

And that’s it! We’re hoping to collect ads from all over the world, and get a sense from you about what advertisements you think are worth a little proactive thought (ahem…media literacy).

Hope to hear from you soon, and join us on Flickr!