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A summer road trip - The LAMP

A summer road trip

By July 17, 2008 News No Comments

Summer Vacation 2008

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As our Education Director, Katherine, heads out of the city on a long car-saddled road tour of our western landscape, it brings to mind the storied tradition of the assignment that usually awaited students on their first week back into school:

An essay describing what they did on their summer vacation.

When I authored these reports in my youth, they were exclusively written down on a sheet of paper, and then read in front of a classroom. I might even bring with me small trinkets and mementos that I could display for my audience that would aid in illustrating my adventures, but that is as fancy as i would get. Nowadays, there are so many incredible ways a student could tell the story of their summer. I’m curious if there are in fact teachers, parents or even students who spend their months off by capturing them via a blog, or a video camera or even a digital sound recorder, who will then later share this interactive presentation with their classmates.

Man, just thinking about that kind of report makes me wish I was on summer vacation.

p.s. Let us know by e-mail if you give or receive an assignment like this: Happy Summer!