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A LAMP Workshop Story: Why We Love What We Do - The LAMP

A LAMP Workshop Story: Why We Love What We Do

By December 8, 2011 News No Comments

LAMP students watch their finished video pieces

When you give $11 to The LAMP during our Annual Appeal, you’re supporting what we call ‘lightbulb’ moments–when a student lights up with revelation and empowerment at understanding how media shape the way we live. LAMP facilitator Jules Beesley describes one such moment with middle-school students while remixing an ad for the war video game, Battlefield 3:

“One group added to the commercial the text, “People can’t dodge bullets!” A few boys in the room replied, “Yes they can!” We worked hard to deconstruct this myth and explain the reality of warfare. I spent a good amount of time trying to get them to think about what is not being shown in a commercial like this: blood, bodies, suffering, pain, death. Many did not know that there are real wars being fought right now. Some students thought wearing a bullet-proof vest made soldiers invincible…These students had not spent much time examining how their views on violence and war have been shaped by media. They have been thoroughly desensitized to violence. It’s been both challenging and gratifying to help them begin to question their assumptions.”

This is just one example of how LAMP programs fill a void in learning, but lightbulb moments can’t continue without your help. All we’re asking for is $11–for you, maybe that’s one less cocktail at a holiday party, or a subway home instead of a cab. For our students, it’s an investment in their future. When you make your $11 gift, you’ll be added to an exclusive mailgroup to receive advance notice of upcoming public workshops, and news about how your gift is working through the year. Make your $11 gift right now!