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#TBT Summer 2017 Multimedia Journalism at TYWLS of Astoria & Cypress Hills - The LAMP

#TBT Summer 2017 Multimedia Journalism at TYWLS of Astoria & Cypress Hills

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We are the voice of a generation.

“Media literacy hands you the microphone and empowers you to have an opinion. By becoming educated on the process behind creating advertisements, news stories, or even political speeches, you can spot facts easily, become a part of conversations, and have the power to engage millions to do the same.” As said in Teen Vogue article written by LAMP learner/leader, Estefania Alba from TYWLS

Last summer, we kicked off a series of exciting Multimedia Apprenticeship programs in collaboration with ExpandED’s Career Clue in Brooklyn at Cypress Hills Collegiate Prep and at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria in Queens.  Students created impactful multimedia news stories and prepared to pass on the critical thinking and digital media skills they acquired through paid internships with the LAMP in the Fall. Through collaborative, hands-on projects student reporters constructed news stories in different media print, video and audio observing how each medium shapes the story. They investigated topics of their choosing, conducted interviews, gathered facts, evaluated sources of information and learned how to detect bias. Students also critically analyzed news media to determine the influence of propaganda, the role of advertising and the impact of social media. Students were able to put their classroom knowledge in practice at visits at Buzzfeed, NBC just to name a few. A group even got a chance to interview artist & actor, LL Cool J!