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The 22 Million By 2020 Campaign

By March 1, 2017 News No Comments

22 million by 2020

22 Million New Votes by the Year 2020

According to the most recent United States census numbers, there are roughly 22 million teens who will be eligible to vote in their first presidential election in the year 2020. These numbers have weighed heavily on my mind ever since the most recent election, as terms like “fake news” and “alternative facts” have become ubiquitous. Confusion about what is true and not true rules the mainstream media and the White House, leaving the rest of us forced to make sense of it all.

That’s why I was proud last weekend to introduce the 22 Million By 2020 campaign at the MisInfoCon summit hosted by the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard and the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA. Together with my presenting partner Ben Moskowitz, we laid out the basic vision for a nonpartisan, nationwide media literacy and civics campaign to help every teen cast informed votes in the 2020 election and beyond. If you missed our presentation at MisInfoCon, click here for the slide deck with videos.

Meet the 22x20 Campaign


Civic education, media literacy, and active participation in public discourse will inform, engage, and motivate first time voters. They’ll value the power of their vote and voice, as well as their rights and responsibilities as citizens. America needs informed voters. The future is now. Join us! There are many opportunities for youth, educators, media and community organizations to be involved in the campaign. Email us now to learn more and get involved!

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